Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lazy Days skirt

So now I'm really discovering my inner-domestic-goddess!

I've seen this skirt pattern in a few places- first on aussies living simply (my second home!) and then on a couple of blogs ... so I thought I'd dust off the sewing machine give it a go.

The pattern is online from Oliver + S - click here for the link and its so simple even I managed it. (I did have a couple of unpicking/re-sewing moments but I have trouble doing straight lines!!)

The fabric I have had for ages (see? hoarding bits of stuff really does come in handy!) I knew I would do something with it some day. Its a really pretty pink cotton with rosebuds, very girly! Bought some bright pink ribbon for the bottom edge, (just over 1 metre) and some new elastic - total cost would be around $2. Not bad eh?

My daughter (3) loves it - said "I'm really happy about that skirt mummy!" so got the ultimate seal of approval.

Now we just need some warm days again .....


Lucy C said...

Word is spreading.
Gotta love that skirt.

nil said...

I have a few years of Hoarded fabrics.. before the big move recently I gave LOADS away and keot the stuff I just couldn't give up.. I was out in the garden in some pants and thought how breezing a skirt would be for gardening(its getting so hot now) So I'll have to make a few of these..thanks