Sunday, May 24, 2009

Simple Kids Apron

I recently decided to try making some kids' kitchen aprons, partly because my own children love to help baking and partly because all of their friends are turning 4 around now and I thought they would make nice, and different, gifts for them. (Its not easy to knowing who has what toys and books already!)

Well I just finished my first one last night, (just in time for a party today!) and I was really happy with it. I bought some cute cotton drill fabrics through the week, a little bit retro, a little bit funky, but definitely cute for a couple of little party girls! Some purple 70's style flowers, and some bright flowers, and some bright bias binding to match each in purple and orange.

I cut the 'pattern' from an old shirt and just kept sizing it to my daughter until it was right. No hemming of the apron, just wide bias binding around all sides with one piece continuous from back tie to neck loop to the other back tie. Add a little pocket to the front with the bias border and hey presto!

In with the apron went a little wooden spoon with a pink satin bow, so the birthday girl can have her own spoon too! I'm happy to say it was well received, and I felt good that I had hand-made something and given one less plastic, over-packaged present!

The bright flowers will become an apron before next weekend's party, then my own kiddies turn (with some Thomas fabric for my son he is very happy with!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Autumn in my garden

I just love Autumn in the mountains ...

I was despairing yesterday at the state of our back 'garden' since gettting our chooks (the price of free-ranging!) They have destroyed a lot of the soil, scratching up too much and turning areas into dustbowls. So I am trying to focus on the nicer aspects today, if I look up to the trees and not at the ground it seems so much better !!!

We have 9 maples in our back garden, and a few at the front. At this time of year they do look their best as the leaves start to turn ..... some just starting to change quietly to soft yellows and pinky-orange, others (like the one above in my front garden) screaming scarlet red.

The trees mark a definite season here, and I love that about this area. Somedays it feels as though Autumn is sort of lost somewhere summer and winter, as we can have gusts of really cold wintery weather, then strangely warm again for days. So it's reassuring to be reminded we live in a part of Australia that does have 4 definite seasons (the little bit of English left in me likes that!) and what better to remind us than our own back gardens.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

x from my little cuties x
Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there xxx

Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Pink Dress

I'm pleased to report I finally finished Miss A's dress. If I had made it non-stop it probably would have taken me 2 hours max, but grabbing 10 mins here and there made it stretch over a couple of weeks!

She had a little pink fleece dress about 2 years ago that I loved, (but way too small now) so I decided to trace around that for a pattern and give it a go, like a true amateur!

We picked some bright furry-fleece from Spotlight, matching thread and off I went. I found the fleece really easy to work with, (once I figured out which way I had to cut for the stretch) and very forgiving of little mistakes due to the thick pile!

The photo doesn't show any detail, but I did zig-zag stitch on all seams, and a patch pocket with purple pattern stitch across the top. I am planning to get a little applique for the pocket to take the 'plain-ness' off a little.

I used less than half the metre I bought, so cost roughly around $3-$4. But more importantly, I am pleased my machine is getting some use, proud I have been able to make something, and that it looks good! Miss A loves it, (it feels like a teddy!) and it's great for the colder weather already.

Next project is for my son, and a bit more ambitious for me - a sleeveless vest. Hopefully I will get it done before the end of winter!