Thursday, March 22, 2012

A seemingly insignificant decision....and my new business!

You know sometimes your life-as-you-know-it does an unexpected flip and suddenly you are heading in a totally new direction? It happened to us a year ago when we dropped years of building plans and dreams and made a fresh new start. And now, well, some big changes have happened again already this year. In a good way. Again!

Last month I had (my first...) unexpected job offer, it literally knocked on my door! An old friend of mine picked up some housekeeping work at a holiday home across the road from me, and came to ask if I would like to work as a team with her. I wasn't looking for work, and it wasn't really what I wanted to do.... but it meant I could work a few hours once or twice a week, in school hours. I would be self-employed, so could charge a decent rate. So..... I accepted. Job no.1!

Holiday home views

When I went over to look at the place, the owner was clearly very saddened at the state of the grounds and gardens, and even less happy with his groundskeeper who had abandoned him. Weeds aplenty and lots of tidying up to do. Well I am not going to miss an opportunity like that am I??!! Both myself and my friend are keen gardeners, (and I have some training in native gardening) so we immediately offered our services as groundskeepers too. The owner jumped at our offer! (There's my job no. 2!)

Views whilst weeding ....!

A few days later I turned up for my first day at work, and whilst the owner was pleased to see me, he was shocked I hadn't told him I was a qualified massage therapist. OK -no points for guessing what comes next!! He asked if I would be interested in working as the in-house massage therapist for his guests. WOULD I??!! (of course I said yes-job no.3!)

I qualified as a massage therapist back in 2005, finishing my diploma when I was around 28 weeks pregnant. With twins. I was HUGE! My gorgeous babies were born not long after that (very premmie) and so between then and now the madness of general family life has meant I haven't had the opportunity to work at what I REALLY want to do for a living. I LOVE massage work! I have always had a new business plan in my head, but sadly it has remained in my head, until now.

The seemingly insignificant offer of work- which started out as a few hours housekeeping - has kick-started me into launching my own business as a Massage Therapist. Who would have thought? I am sure I would have done it anyway, but I have been 'thinking it over' for the past few years. I will work from home as we have plenty of space here, and a room I can use next to the front door as a clinic room. It will keep down my overheads and expenses which means I can charge very reasonable rates.

I the past few weeks I have completed mountains of paperwork, registering with professional associations, upgrading my first aid, obtaining professional liability insurance, ordering business cards/flyers/stickers etc etc, and officially registering my business name. I've started networking and revisited my old business plans. I've shopped for appropriate furniture and other essential items for work, and have almost finished decorating my clinic room.
I am nearly ready to put my business 'out there', just a few things to finish the room and I am waiting on a provider number from the Health Funds so clients can claim their rebates.

It reminds me of the 'big change' we made a year ago, when suddenly everything fell into place and went full speed ahead, and it did so easily because it was the right path for us.

I can hardly believe how much I have done in only a month, I feel like this plan has been waiting eagerly for the right moment (or a little nudge!) and now its unstoppable! I am very excited about my new venture and my family are all very supportive and excited too. I will keep my other 3-in-1 job for as long as I can, the hours are few and I feel so grateful to both my friend and my employer that they started the ball rolling for me (albeit incidentally!)

I will post a little more about my business soon, and hopefully also an update for the chooky-fans out there (I haven't forgot you!) as we have finally settled on our permanent flock after reducing the numbers somewhat.