Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meet the girls ....!

It's almost 2 weeks since we got our first chooks, and we are loving them! We bought 4, all around 16-18 weeks old, so nearly laying age. We have 2 Australorps, called Lady and Emily and 2 Rhode Island Reds, Rosie and Ruby-Lou. They are lovely!

We have never kept poultry before so its all a bit new, but there are plenty of books and websites with loads of info that has helped us a lot.
Both Australorps and RIR's are known to be friendly, sociable birds, not flighty or nervy (all important when you have kids wanting to handle them all the time!) and very good egg-layers.

I am hoping they will start laying soon, but in the meantime they are lovely pets and giving us plenty of manure for the compost!

Only problem is our dog who thinks we have bought him some new toys .... or lunch? Was hoping the chooks would free-range and he would ignore them, but no. So taking turns who has the back garden for now....


Lucy C said...

They are gorgeous.
Did you get them from Sun Valley?
I have 5 Little Red Hens from there.
I put you on my list of Blue Mountains Blogs.
Do you know about Backyard Poultry?
Great resource for all things chooky.

mountainwildlife said...

Hi Lucy! yes, chooks from sun valley. Really want some light sussex like yours next! I watch your blog too- was inspired to start mine :-)

billyburra bandits said...

The girls are lovely! Names are cute--hope they lay soon so you/we can have omlettes for lunch! Have you thought of a mushroom farm?? I love mushrooms!