Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog make-over...

I have been playing around with new design ideas for my blog, please bear with me while I decide if I like it ! Or let me know what you think....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creativity unleashed!

I have never been a 'knitter'. Wool (or 'yarn' as I am learning to call it) and myself have never really been on speaking terms with each other, let alone being friends. Despite many efforts on my mothers part to teach me knitting, I just never 'got it'. Or I wasn't interested enough to persevere. I can do a basic plain stitch, so long as someone else casts on /casts off and if I drop a stitch I'm totally lost.  :- /

But things are changing around here. Whether its moving to a new village where the population are wonderfully creative that has done it, I'm not sure, but something has ignited my creative spark once again.

I recently began sewing again at a sewing group, and have made bags with linings and a couple of pairs of school trousers - 2 things I just couldn't get my head around previously. I now know how to read a pattern (they really are written in English!) and next project on my table is a patchwork quilt.

But now...... the craft which has taken me truly by surprise - crochet!

I attended a couple of workshops recently which were provided by my children's school at our regular coffee morning, to learn beginners crochet. 'Why not?' I thought, after doing my half hour reading with the kindergarten class I was free those mornings. The teacher was a local woman who was very good at instructing total beginners (all of us!) and patient too. Although she did say that we would be crocheting beanies by our 2nd week, which I almost laughed out loud at! (beanies = woolly hats, for those non-aussies!)

But guess what? After learning a few different stitches (and unravelling a few test squares!) I was amazed to find that I actually can do it. And while an expert would find more than a couple of faults, I might even go so far to say I am pretty good at it! Well, its only my 2nd week and my first project.

So here is my beanie so far, in its raw state -

My first crochet!

The yarn is acrylic, (it was easier to buy at the time) although wool would be better. But I love the colour! I need to join the ends to make the back seam, and gather in the top to make it hat-shaped. Not entirely convinced it will look perfect but to be honest I am just amazed I have managed to do this far. (BTW- those plastic bread tie/ring things make great stitch savers!)

Meantime, I decided to revise my lessons and try some squares, commonly known as 'granny squares' (which to me is almost enough to put anyone under 60 off) but nonetheless onwards I went ...... I made these last night while half watching TV --

For these I am just using odd balls of wool and acrylic I picked up in vinnies, a big bag for a dollar - ideal for practising I thought. Although I am realising that lots of the balls (or is it skeins?) I have are just too fine and end up looking a bit spindly and straggly, (like the dark blue above). I definitely prefer the thicker yarn.

Wow, listen to me, talking like a real knitter! Or is crochet-er? Crochet-ist? Crochet-atier??? !!!!!

Next step is to get myself an aluminium hook and some proper wool. Not sure what I'll be making but I'm enjoying just creating for now.

Anyone else left in the world apart from myself who can't do these can find fabulous instructions with short videos at Meet Me At Mikes blog -(scroll down the right-hand side)
Pip shows step by step, very s-l-o-w-l-y so you can follow along in real time. It really helped me as I had forgotten how to get around a corner!

And since starting crochet (and consequently having my self-esteem boosted) I have even been thinking about trying knitting again. You know mam, I might even get that scarf going again- the one you started me on 5 years ago!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Muppets rock!

I came across this at meet me at mikes and just had to share it....!

I remember the muppets and this song from my childhood, and I just love this video!

Fozzie bear, Animal and Beaker made me laugh, and remember the swedish chef and the 2 old guys?

The band kicks off at about 3 mins! Wait until the end for Miss Piggy... I couldn't see Kermit though?

Anyone else remember the names of this lot?