Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Tag

I've been 'tagged' by Lucy at Blue Mountains Menagerie (a local lady who also loves her chooks and other animals!) to do a photo meme - so here it is.....

Instructions are -

Go to your sixth picture folder in your picture file on your computer

Pick your sixth picture

Try to remember the details

Post it on your blog

We bought ourselves a new you-beaut digi camera for Xmas 2003, (now ancient and outdated!)

This was taken Jan 2004, when I was trying some of the features and doing arty-farty pics.

Its B&W, on macro or maybe super-macro, and although I can't remember taking it, it looks like lichen growing on a tree trunk? The rest of that folder has pics of Lawson bushwalk, so that must be where it was.

Thanks Lucy for the tag :-) in turn I am tagging -

DL at dl's trials and tribulations in the garden
and Julie at towards sustainability

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