Monday, November 10, 2008

Slug results !!

OK, so if you didn't read my last post about beer traps- go there first!

I was pretty pleased (though also nauseated) with the results this morning - 32 slimy slugs, drank their last VB last night .....

Quite disgusting, but it beats having them all over my lettuces.

Not wanting to spend $2.5o buying them drinks every night, so slugs went in the compost and the beer back out in the patch again. Did fleetingly consider asking for the leftover dregs at the local pub, but worried about getting reputation as alcoholic/deranged-slug-killer-woman (besides, probably not the first person to ask!)

Hmmm.... Monday morning - strained dead slugs out of beer traps. Must get more hobbies.


top bananas said...

Just heard comments on UK gardening show that said the big slugs are not the culprits - it's the small ones most of us miss because they hide out of sight, that do the chomping. It could prove expensive to keep the alchy slugs in VB, so you could try the tip the show gave; put collars around the plants ( no need for ties or windsor knots,though!). If you can make it difficult for slugs to slide over the ground around your plants they will leave them alone. Coffee grounds work and so does crushed egg shells, ( hope those chooks start laying soon) sand, grit and copper, which apparently gives them an electric shock. Happy harvesting!

mountainwildlife said...

Cheers TB ! Tried coffee grounds and various mulches, but must admit the copper sounds interesting- zap the little blighters! I think maybe the ones I got were all INSIDE the patch already, (mulch etc round the border) as there was no more today, maybe problem solved? Like the crushed eggshell idea- will try that one, also looking for nice collars/ cuffs for my slugs- is that right? :-)