Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update...

Bits and pieces this weekend ...

Gardening update - planted some seeds yesterday into containers, I'm getting a bit annoyed with disappearing seedlings just as they are coming up (although the beer trap has worked wonders with the slugs!) so put this lot into pots first .....

Climbing beans -Blue Lake
Zucchini -Black Beauty
Beetroot - Rainbow mix
Cape Gooseberry - chooks ate all my little seedlings last time :-(

Also put lots of Cos Lettuce & Meslun mix into a broccoli box, which will hopefully fill the box in a few weeks.

Really imressed with the beans I planted last weekend
(cherokee wax and purple king) - have come up great in 7 days!

Also re-potted some 'grosse lisse' tomatoes which actuallygerminated this time (too cold earlier?) Got 10 decent plants out - can't believe these were in 1 strawberry container 2 days ago!!!!

Moved all the potatoes from the side of the house, just as they are starting to grow, as I remembered that we has termite treatment in the soil underneath their patch (OH OH !!!) Definitely don't want to be eating that thanks. Luckily they hadn't sent roots down so should be fine....

Chook Update-
Lady (the II !) is doing really well, has really grown since we got her, fattened out a bit and is definitely the most daring of the bunch. She is the only one who will actually approach us and doesn't carry on too much if we want to hold her! She is always the first out of the chook house and always comes up to me when I say hello in the mornings (ok, probably just wants the food, but still she is cute!)
The others are getting used to us more, the reds still flapping around if go too near, but yesterday we managed to have all 4 of them eating grain out of our hands!! Hooray! ('course I didn't have the camera handy)
Still no eggs ...... only the plastic ones I put in the nest to give them a clue!
Kids Crafty time -
kids craft this weekend was actually more mine - I made this wall chart for them to learn days of the week, and hopefully so they will stop the constant "what we doing today?"
I had looked around for something similar to buy, but the only couple I found were a) very expensive, b) had pre-made labels that didn't suit us, and c) really small.
So I came up with this- big sheet of card from local post office ($1.20) and some scraps we had from other projects, made lots of labels that just stick on with blue-tack and can change each week. Kids stuck various stickers here and there, and it now lives on our pantry door!

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