Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mountain Wildlife!

It has snuck up on me! My Mountain Wildlife blog was officially 1 year old today :)

I can hardly believe it's true - this past year has flown since I made my very first entry HERE. I did remember sometime last month that this anniversary was coming up - and of course I planned to do something special.... but .... well, it kind of slipped away and now it's here and I have nothing special for you!   :-o

I am pleased that I have managed to keep it going though, as blogging this time last year seemed like a very mysterious kind of process, and I wasn't sure if anyone would even be interested in reading my ramblings! But here we are, and I have certainly had some readers.....

I have a stat-counter at the bottom of my blog which I can log into for lots of nerdy info- nothing personal of course but they do tell me for instance which countries my visitors have logged in from, and how many new and return visitors I have had.

At the time of writing- I have had 3,935 visitors in 12 months which truly amazes me! Over half of my visitors are 'return' visitors, which I guess means you have liked what you've seen and want to come again, and over half of those return visitors have been here more than 10 times.

And you have visited from Australia, UK, (not so surprising as my family are there) but also from Portugal, New Zealand, all over USA, Canada, Thailand and the most surprising - a handful of visitors from South Africa including Sudan! WHO ARE YOU?? !!! Pardon my ignorance, but I wasn't even aware there were many computers in the Sudan!

It is really interesting to know these stats, but I would truly love if more visitors would leave a comment when they visit my blog.
I do have 18 'followers' at the moment, (only 2 of whom I have met in real life!) who are more regular readers and some of whom do comment. I really appreciate your comments and input, it makes blogging a little less 'one-sided' as fellow bloggers will know!

I've found some great blogs through the year too, I really enjoy reading others efforts and experiences of gardening, chooky exploits, sewing, baking, thrift shopping, building, green living and generally trying to make their own part of the world a better place.

So here's to the first year, and apolgies for the lack of party-ness! Maybe I'll be more organised for the 2nd birthday..... :-)


greenfumb said...

Happy Anniversary! I completely missed mine, I'm only 4 weeks ahead of you.

Sorry to hear about the chickies, it's not as easy as it sound is it. I sometimes think if you spent too much time on BYP you wouldn't have chickens at all.

Toria said...

Happy anniversary. I'm not sure how I show up in your stats - I subscribed in google reader, I think it's easier to use than following.

Lee said...

Happy anniversary from Dunedin, NZ.

I think I probably show up in your counter as Dunedin, or sometimes as Palmerston North. Which is weird, but I suppose it depends on the vaguaries of Telecom.

Chris said...

Oh good, someone else who forgets the big blog anniversaries, LOL. I'm notorious for doing that with mine too. ;)

Happy first year, has it been that short? Sometimes it's like I know people for years after reading their blogs.

Looking forward to future posts! :)

mountainwildlife said...

Ah thanks! And pleased I'm not the only forgetful blogger!

I didn't know about the google-reader Toria, I now use the 'follow blog' tag at the top of blogs (I used to do it some other way but it often didn't work-maybe they've fixed it now)

darharja- so you don't really move house every week then? lol! actually have a few visitors from NZ, maybe found me through your blog!

Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!...:)

HappyEarth said...

Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! We've popped into a site a few times over the years, and enjoyed hearing about what you've been up to! It's great to hear you've been getting so many visitors from all around the world - the power of blogs really is amazing!

Best wishes for another wonderful year of blogging!