Friday, October 2, 2009

September's sewing

Time for a sewing update I think... here are a few things I made last month.

A couple more aprons for 2 little boys (brothers so I made matching but different trim) ....

A new bag for myself - smaller than a tote bag but like a large handbag/shoulderbag. It's the first bag I've ever made and just made it up and figured it our as I went along. I put a little pocket inside for my phone, and that used up every scrap of this fabric- perfect!
The fabric is a lovely thick and strong woven cotten, from my little stash I received from freecycle a while back.
I am really happy with it, fits all my bits and pieces as well as snacks or drink bottles for the kids in it.
Total cost- nil (except time and brain-strain!)

Feeling so pleased about making my everyday bag, I made a shopper/tote bag the following week, which was very easy in comparison!
The fabric is actually a lovely old pillowcase I picked up in Vinnies (charity shop) for 50c. I have bought a few different ones for various projects, no-one seems to buy them (maybe don't like second hand bed linen?) but all you need is to think outside the square ...." now, what else could I make this into?" !!!

I cut open the flap and then sewed it to the open end, then folded it in on itself to become self-lining. This also makes it stronger as the cotton isn't very thick. I 'boxed' the corners so its wider at the bottom rather than 2 flat sides. No pocket in this one, and the handles are just unbleached calico from my stash.
I just love the fabric, I thought it was very Spring! Have used this one heaps already too.
Total cost - 50c.

I didn't get as many projects done as I would have liked this month, what with other less interesting things to do (general life stuff!), trying to get on top of building plans so we can get them into council (still working on them-groan), learning about incubating eggs, a boomerang-migraine that just kept coming back every few days, and then sick kids this week :(

Anyway, I'm happy with the few things I did make. And my pile of 'waiting to be mended/ altered/ created' pile sits happily waiting......



Lee said...

Oh, i'd better not show my son the photo of the Thomas aprons! So adorable :-)

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks daharja, they are pretty easy to make if you have a machine, the time consuming bit for me is folding and pressing all the bias binding in half!
I've made almost 10 now I think, some gifts and some sold, incuding another of the lovely Thomas ones for my own son!
My kids love wearing their aprons when they 'help' me in the kitchen :)