Thursday, September 10, 2009

All is Good in the Garden

Today was one of those days I walked around the back yard and thought "yeah, actually things are going pretty well". The sun was shining and things are growing again.

The seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago here are coming up great - all 4 types of beans, 2 types of tomatoes, beetroot, vegetable spaghetti, basil and peppermint. Even one of the watermelon seeds is peeping out early.

The potatoes are showing through the mulch in my trial-spud-sacks .......

And the second 'patch' we started a couple of weeks ago in our bare centre of the garden is looking ok, instant green at the front with lots of herbs that were outgrowing their pots, and a few new ones I bought from the Gardening Australia expo including this Chocolate Mint .....

I don't know what I will use it for, but doesn't it sounds great? And it smells exactly like one of those after-dinner mints!

I also put in 2 rows of mixed lettuce and a row of parsley from my saved seed. Parsley is slow to germinate, but hopefully there will be a mass of green by the summer!

And these new plants in our old patch - some rhubarb kindly given by a lovely friend who was moving house, they have settled in nicely and I made rhubarb muffins the same day I planted them in! I'll give them a rest now to grow a bit before harvesting again.

We planted this beautiful wax flower years ago as a tiny plant, its now taller than me and about 2 metres across, and fills the garden with a lovely scent. Luckily for us, it is one of those plants that thrives on neglect! It is an aussie native and has never been watered other than the rainfall we get. So pretty.

Even the chooks are happy ..... although their needs are few .....warm safe house, bit of space and exercise, food and water ..... and they are giving us around 12 eggs a week between the 3 of them (although one is laying as much as the other two!) They didn't even stop laying all through the winter which most chooks do. They are such great pets.

All was good today in the garden of Mountain Wildlife...... :-)


Xena said...

None of my seeds have sprouted. NONE. My potatoe sacks are starting to sprout though.

dixiebelle said...

Fantastic! Our seeds are doing OK so far too, and I was inspired by you, and bought some Spaghetti Squash/ Vegetable Spaghetti seeds online, as I LOVE it.

The wax flowers are gorgeous, might have to find that somewhere too! (We'll have matching gardens! LOL) I can't wait to do our landscaping in early Nov, so I can then get our herb garden going again too...

And your chooks look so happy, and must be, giving you all those eggs... I am jealous. We are *thinking about* chickens, but no set plans yet, as I am worried they might bring snakes in to our backyard from the reserves next to us.

Chris said...

The garden looks great! Isn't Spring such a magical time of the year. Your seeds are coming along nicely too. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing how your spuds in a sack perform. I've done an above ground thing with lucerne bales and compost. I'm a bit worried the sun might get to the spuds - but like you, it's an experiment.

And you've simply got to make a tea from your choc-mint leaves. I love peppermint tea and I'm dying to know what a tea with choc-mint tastes like!!!

mountainwildlife said...

JJ- oh dear! Persevere, try a few different methods, try Lost Seed in Tas, I have the best germinations rates with theirs.

Dixie- I'm flattered I've inspired you! And I really recommend getting chooks, they are great in so many ways! We don't have a snake problem here although I have seen a few over the years. Make sure you have a safe house for them (chooks, not snakes!) and collect eggs regularly so as not to attract them.

Chris-Thanks for your comments but you might notice I didn't put much of my actual garden on- its still quite barren so I just focused on the nice bits! Great idea about the tea, will definitely try that when I get more leaves


Lee said...

Chocolate mint?

COCKTAILS!!!!!!! :-)


(or mocktails, if you're a non-drinker)