Friday, September 11, 2009

Costa's Garden Odyssey

How great is this new show? I love it! And how wacky is Costa? He is like a hippy Steve Irwin of the gardening world, all animated and arms flying!

I watched the third episode last night and it was so full of interesting and useful bits and pieces. I loved the permablitz idea, where groups of volunteers work to transform someone's garden, and in exchange they learn whatever skills they are interested in by hands-on work and in workshops. It reminded me a bit of the native gardening course I did last year, there was a lot of weeding, planting and mulching! but I learnt a lot both in the classroom and outside.

I think it beats the other 'lifestyle' shows on tv hands-down (Better Homes than mine etc) there is a lot less fluffing around sticking lace onto plantpots (or whatever!) and a lot more gritty, useful permaculture-based ideas.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, despair no longer! You can watch them online and get all the info HERE on Costa's website.

I'm looking forward to episode 10 at the end of next month, he has done a segment from right here in the Blue Mountains!

Costa's Garden Odyssey - SBS Thursday nights 8pm


dixiebelle said...

Cool! Checking the link out now!

greenfumb said...

Hello, its me again, I'm not stalking you honest. My family don't like Costa (or gardening for that matter) so I watch him on the laptop while I'm cooking briliant. deb

Leanne said...

Ah Thank you! I've heard so much about this series yet haven't caught it myself yet...I'm off to watch this now. What a lovely blog you have here. I found you via ALS searching for araucana's yesterday... (Mamajasmine ;) ).

dixiebelle said...

Thanks for putting me onto this! We downloaded the shows and watched the first episode last night. He is great, very entertaining and the projects are very attainable ideas, unlike some other gardening/ backyard shows!! I also like the segments with the places and people he meets..