Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RIP Emily

Our beautiful Emily

Our lovely Australorp Emily, my most favourite chook, died today.

Our dog managed to dig out the bottom of the fence to their chook pen, and pushed open a gap for them to come out and play. Of course, his idea of play is not the same as theirs.

I came home and heard the unmistakable awful noise of a very scared chook, and missed her by a second. I actually saw her still alive and picked her up, but only for the last seconds, and then it was too late.

Our children didn't see it happen but there was no getting away from it- I had to explain. I really didn't want to have a talk about life and death to them at 4 years old. They are both very sad about Emily but seem to be accepting and understanding it.

She was the best of the 3 chooks we have left, a beautiful animal, gorgeous peacock green sheen to her black feathers, and lovely temperament. She was the best layer too, eggs almost every day (unlike the two remaining who give us 2 or 3 eggs a week). We would have had her a year next week.

Emily was always our favourite, we are all upset and will miss her. Gone but not forgotten.

Sleep peacefully little chooky.


Xena said...

I have tears in my eyes over this. Poor Emily!

dixiebelle said...

Oh, that is so sad. Poor Emily... may she be resting in peace in Chooky Heaven...

Chris said...

Those chooks work their way into your heart. No matter how they go, by predator, natural causes or simply finding them a new home, it's hard to say goodbye.

Death by other pet is a difficult situation too.

Give it a few days but I hope you can forgive the dog. It's a natural instinct they have. Doesn't make it easy to live with the outcome, but in a small way, can help you move on.

RIP Emily.

Toria said...

Poor Emily, I'm so sad for all of you. Our neighbour's dog killed one of our chooks, so I really understand how traumatic this is for you.

Lee said...

Poor Emily. I'm sure she's in Chook Heaven now, where life is wonderful, the sun shines on her feathers, and there's a hot mash every day :-)

I'm so sorry for you. I know what it is like to lose a pet.

Tricia (Little eco footprints) said...

Oh - how sad :-(

I'm sure Emily was glad she was one very loved chook :-)

Anonymous said...

aww MW, Im sorry. I had a similar experience years ago only it was a fox. We laid cement paving slabs around the pen and never had a problem after that.

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks for your nice comments, still a bit sad here but ce la vie.
I'm still trying to forgive our dog... you are right Chris, I know it is natural behaviour for him, he wasn't even being aggressive (never is) but I'm still annoyed with him.
Such a waste for a few seconds of 'fun' for him.

Thanks darharja, that made me smile. :)

Leanne said...

Oh heartbreaking. I have been in this very situation. These girls are such sweet little souls...they become members of the family easily if you let them. Hope you are all ok.

greenfumb said...

So sorry to hear about Emily, what shame that she was your favourite. Our dog is scared of the chooks but she did once make a meal of a pet rabbit, it is very traumatic.

We have been away for a week and one of my new Wyandotte chicks died while we were away, I think it might have been too cold for them. i feel guilty about not looking after them properly.

Good luck with the new chickies, hopefully at least one will become a nice friendly pet.

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks Leanne :)
Greenfumb- oh no, how awful about your you new chick :( I certainly know that guilt feeling, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been your fault, they are usually pretty good at keeping themsleves warm when they are in a group? Could it be something else? A worry for me if that is true then, its colder than winter here now :(