Thursday, December 18, 2008

Veggie garden December update

Just realised I haven't posted about the patch/pots etc for a while - other general life stuff taking up my time! So here is the latest with some new pics ....

Strawberry seeds germinated and growing well in their lovely blue pot- just need some juicy red strawberries in there now - C'mon!

Zucchini have grown enormous, no flowers yet (so no zucchinis) but this big in just one month ... hmmm... thinking now that 5 plants may be far too many!

Chilli plant is doing well, ripening from green to red. Either colour- they are HOT !!!

Potatoes growing really well, 'hilled up' against the fence. With all the rain and heat lately I am 'hilling up' every couple of days. Need to just trust though that there are actually some spuds under all that straw.....

Tomatoes, like nearly everything else, growing lots of lovely green leaves, but nothing edible yet. There are some little yellow flowers though, so hopefully soon.... I have 12 plants in these pots, if they all fruit at once we'll be living on salads and pasta sauce! The black crate is full of my 'rogue' tomatoes - ones that just turned up by accident from old seeds in the compost - will be interesting to see what comes of them!

And lastly 'the patch'. Fabulous salad greens at the front- we have salad with dinner most days (all 4 of us) and there is always more again the next day. This has been my most successful and reliable crop.
Also growing here - carrots, silverbeet, zucchinis, beetroots, capsicum, eggplants, more tomatoes, cherokee wax beans and purple king beans.

So happy with this new hobby! Slugs have gone elsewhere too- thanks to a few tips from others. Broken eggshells and wood shavings (we use as chook litter) work well between plants, and traps made from vegemite /sugar get them in but not out ..... like the beer traps but cheaper!


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