Friday, December 12, 2008

'The Future' as seen through 11 y.o. eyes

We received this poem by email yesterday - our 11 y.o. neice in UK wrote it for a school project (she won 2nd prize overall, and came 1st of the girls)

We are very proud of her, although a little shocked at how much insight she has - the poem is quite dark but just goes to show that children are not sheltered from what is going on in our world.


Welcome to the future, the world is under the sea,
The human race has died out - no more you or me.
Global warming melted the ice caps.
It was too late, we could not turn off the taps.
Rain poured and caused a flood,
Mountains fell and turned to mud.
World sobbing,
Hearts throbbing,
People dying,
Children crying.
Panic sets in,
This battle we will not win,
There's no way out, there's no escape,
Stop global warming now before it's too late.
Caitlin, Year 7

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top bananas said...

thats my poem!
im so happy other people can see it
because it my work! :)