Saturday, December 6, 2008

Little Dragon

Spotted this cheeky Mountain Dragon (or is it a Water Dragon?) on my back deck today- on the side of a planter box eyeing up my lemon balm!

(Luckily for me it didn't want any, it took me ages to grow) It was only around 10cm long including its tail. Hung around for ages, posing for a few photos!

I also saw a swamp wallaby on Thursday morning, right on the side of the road only a minute away from our house! Looked a little lost there .... but bounced off happily into the bush as we drove slowly past.

Mountain Wildlife's Wildlife in the Mountains!


top bananas said...

Hi Looks like a Mountain Dragon to me. Check out this web site.
Top bananas

mountainwildlife said...

I think you are right Top Bananas -I should have asked the expert!
Thanks for the website- fantastic- will check it out more later :)

Wocket said...

beautiful! Have you seen my hubbys blog? he's been taking lots of garden pics too...

glad the recipe came in useful, I love ginger bikkies. Only one thing makes them better...drizzle with melted dark chocolate. :)