Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wyandotte update!

Feeling a bit chooky ..... feel the need to post some new pics ...... :-)

Wyandottes taking shelter from the rain last weekend on our back deck.

Check out Silvie the fluffball at the front! Not even laying yet but I'm sure she looks like she'd make a fine broody hen, all puffed up like that, I can just imagine her guarding her clutch of eggs...... !

Here she is again, just to prove she can walk upright, and is not infact, just a ball of feathers. And she does have a neck.

Perfect lacing, such a beauty. Looks very straight backed for a wyandotte on this photo, but she is actually curvier.

Wyandottes are "The Bird of Curves' according to poultry standards, and should be basically 'soccer ball' shaped, with their tails, legs and head outside the circle. Maybe she was practising in the first photo!

B.G. - the original gold chick, who then turned completely black, who then decided to grow some gold again. Reminds me of someone dyeing their hair, trying different colours to see what suits!

Mostly her lacing is quite 'peppery' in breeders terms, but her chest is lacing up lovely, and she is still molting and deciding just how much gold she would like.

And the natural blonde, like a true blonde is getting a little darker as she ages and also a sprinkle of grey LOL!

Lastly, here is Mr Handsome himself .... growing some beautiful gold hackle and saddle feathers, and his 'blue' in his blue-laced-gold is so truly blue. Legs so yellow you'd think I'd painted them (another Wyandotte standard) Hopefully the girls won't be able to resist his charms.....! And still not crowing - I can't believe my luck, though probably jinxed it now.

They are 17 weeks now, the girls looking much redder than they did even last week, in their combs and little wattles. Getting ready for laying.... a few weeks away maybe, but definitely getting ready.....!


JazyJae's said...

Looking gorgeous your lot.

Lucy C said...

Lovely ladies and gentleman!

greenfumb said...

Your chookies are beautiful, would love to have some fertile eggs if you get some spare.

hand reared chicks are so lovely, my babies came in the house yesterday because I was up the coast for the weekend and they were hungry. :-)

mountainwildlife said...

Deb thats so cute :-) I can just imagine your little chooks sitting in the kitchen ..."now, where does she keep the greens?" LOL!

And I'd love to have enough fertile eggs to spare, actually been wondering about 'semi-serious' breeding. Guess I'll have to see how they go in the Spring.
First season though, lots to learn. Fingers crossed!

daharja said...

They are sooooo beautiful!

I've always thought the beauty of chooks is underrated.

Jacqui said...

Careful what you ask for with Silvie Lisa! They are all so beautiful - I love them and the colours are just glorious. Blondie reminds me a bit of a Dorking in her combination but I could be completely off the mark from a breeders perspective. And look at your boy! I soo wish we could have a rooster. One day! M and I can't get over how placid they are either - amazing!