Friday, November 6, 2009

My new (old) sewing table

I've been meaning to blog this for over a week, but chicks seem to be dominating everything at the moment! I found this table by chance at an op shop last week, it was sitting outside, shouting out to me! Apparently it had just been donated, it certainly wasn't there the week before when I called in. At just $30 I bought it straight away, luckily hubby was with me to do the heavy lifting :-)

Its an old Janome table, same brand as my sewing machine, and its really sturdy! Lovely solid timber except for the veneer on the drawer fronts, with only a few marks on it, great condition for an old table I think.

The top has 2 hinged 'arms' which fold outward, really smoothly, 4 drawers and a little flip out bit at the front, maybe for pins etc? Strangely reminds me of the old school desks we used to use in England (minus the inkwells- yes, I really am that old!) I don't know how old it is, I'm thinking maybe 70's because of the veneer?
I emailed Janome asking for any info such as how I might be able to fit a new machine to it, but no replies :( 
I do know that they don't even make tables now though.

Of course, these impulse buys are not always thought through perfectly .... mmmm.... I assumed I would be able to fit my machine in the space but unfortunately not.....

I think it would have once had it's own machine fitted, and thanks to some knowledgable folk over at ALS I am told there would have been 2 hinges at the back holding the machine in, and it would have folded down into the table. No way that can happen with my machine, firstly its the wrong size for the hole and secondly modern machines are way heavier than the old ones.

I am thinking maybe just filling the top in with a board so my machine can just sit on the top, that way I can still open the top parts up to spread fabric out etc. Or even easier, just stick it on the top like this !!

But still, I am very happy with it. I think it's a great old table and just what I need. Now, I just need to actually DO some sewing to justify my investment!


Xena said...

great find...... sew jealous!

dl said...

It really is lovely in that awesome retro kind of way :D So nice to see something that has been looked after too.

dixiebelle said...

Great find... I love it when that happens. Karma!

Lee said...

Hi - That looks brilliant. Well done on the find!

I think it's late 1960s. The reason I think that is because it is exactly the same style as my parents' furniture we had when I was growing up (which they've long since got rid of, unfortunately).

They migrated to Australia in the mid 1960s, and outfitted their house with furniture between 1965 and 1970, all of which looks exactly the same style and era as your table, so my guess is that's how old your table is.

Is there any label saying where it was made? In those days, furniture was still mostly made locally. I bet it would have a story to tell!

Chris said...

I love finding vintage sewing tables. My one wish is to stumble across a pedal operated singer machine. I was actually looking for a narrow table at the op shops recently, for my sewing table, but they were all chunky, LOL.

Try having a scrounge around your garage or shed, and see if there are any slabs of wood you can cut to fit over the hole. I'd make it as wide as the middle section so it just sits over the top without any fixtures.

It's a lovely piece though. :)

Anne said...