Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost my mojo...

LOST - One Blogging Mojo. Energy to get stuff done.

LAST SEEN - Looking very flat and tired, wandering aimlessly. Doing half jobs.

If anyone knows how I can find my mojo, or how to tempt it back I would be most appreciative of some advice.

REWARD? Well maybe I can finally write again (if I manage to get anything done worth writing about). Maybe even stick a few nice pics in there too.


greenfumb said...

Me too, I think maybe after a year of seasons it's difficult not to repeat yourself. Also a very busy time of year to "do" things rather than think about them.

How are the chickies? Our incubation is not going well, lots of ups and downs with both the broody and the machine.

Jacqui said...

I know that feeling though of being flat and not having much energy for anything but don't worry about it - it'll come back. Sometimes you just need some down time and you've been pretty busy with all your littlies (feathered and otherwise!). We'll still be here when you get back :)

dixiebelle said...

Just been through that... have a well earned break and it will come back to you!

Take time for long cups of iced tea or coffee, flick through some magazines you might have lying around, or borrow some books from the library (maybe Santa Montefiore's The French Gardener or something equally fluffy!), or maybe watch a couple of chick-flick movies (something like How to Make An American Quilt, or Like Water for Chocolate) or go look in some gorgeous crafty shops, or online at Etsy, or maybe a 'boutique' nursery, and find that inspiration again... good luck!