Monday, March 9, 2009

RIP Rosie

Young Rosie when we brought her home last October

A sad weekend here- Rosie, one of our Rhode Island Red hens, died on Saturday. We are not exactly sure what happened but she somehow got out of the chook house when our dog Tommy was still in the backyard (they usually take turns having free-roaming time). The first I knew was when I saw our dog carrying her in his mouth across the garden. We are assuming he got her but he didn't seem interested in doing anything awful with her, he was just carrying her around. The other 3 chooks were huddled up in their house and seemed a little shocked (who wouldn't be?) Luckily our children didn't see what happened, they have accepted that she got out and has gone now, and won't be coming back

Poor Rosie, such a short little chooky life! She was only 8 months old and we only had her for 4 months. It may seem strange to some to miss an animal after such a short time, but she was one of our pets and will be sadly missed.

Grown-Up Broody Rosie just over a month ago


Lucy C said...

I hate deaths in custody.
My dogs have killed some of my ducks in the past.
It is a horrible feeling because one animal we love has killed another.
Hope the sadness doesn't last too long and try not to feel too guilty.

Jacqui said...

Poor Rosie...poor you. Of course you will miss her terribly - I can't bear the thought of anything happening to my girls. I'm so sorry :(