Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bargain Yarn find ! Now, what do I do with it??

Oh dear, it seems I have become a little bit of a yarn-collector!

I already have quite a big wicker basket full of assorted yarns and oddments such as random granny squares and knitted sqaures from when I practiced new stitches. It didn't feel excessive though, until yesterday ......

We were enjoying a day out up the road in Bathurst yesterday, and stumbled across a small market in the town park - always a pleasant surprise! I had been hoping to pop into Spotlight to check out any cheap yarn they had, but instead I found a charity table at the market stall, selling a whole load of new mixed yarns- talk about serendipity! Well I couldn't resist now, could I??

The stall holders had no prices, they just asked for a donation for any items. I took 2 of the 3 yarn boxes and 1 pair of 8mm needles (I have thinner ones already) and asked if $20 was ok - they were thrilled with that and I was thrilled with my new stash. Win-win :-)

Since getting home and checking out my new goodies properly I think I have a real bargain -- 75 balls of yarn altogether!

One box contained 44 balls of 50g cotton (38 denim blue blend, 6 cream blend) They all have 'sale' stickers from spotlight, reduced to $2 each, so there is $88 (even at sale price) worth right there!

The other box contained 31 mixed balls, (although most have decent amounts of each) and apart from a few 'novelty' type acrylics, most are wool blends, lots of mohair and even alpaca wool!! Some expensive looking yarns there.

All of the yarns are either Patons or Cleckheaton.

So now dear friends, I just need some ideas of what to do with it all !! I much prefer crochet to knitting, although I can knit at a basic level I still feel quite awkward with knitting needles. I find crochet is much more comfortable, quicker and easier to follow patterns.

I've been making scarves and granny squares lately, and checking out amigurumi (Japanese crochet toys) which looks like a lot of fun and great for using up leftovers. But now I have a bigger stash......

....Any ideas you crafty lot??!!


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Suggest you don't go rushing in but rather go onto their website and check out their patterns for suggested needle size. Sounds like you go a good bargain there. I have a few links on my craft blog you might want to have a look at as well. Great crochet blogs you might want to add to your list

Jeff Hardy said...
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mountainwildlife said...

Thanks Rina, I'm definitely more of a hoarder of wool and fabrics, so rushing in is not my style! I've been discovering some fantastic blogs lately, so inspiring. I think I've got overload and don't know where to start LOL!

Anne said...

Wow what a bargin.
Are you on Ravelry?
If you are, type in the wool on there yarn tab and it will come up with what other people have made with the yarn.

mountainwildlife said...

Top idea, thanks Anne! I discovered Ravelry last week (yes, I am light years behind everyone else) Looks like a fantastic resource. Needless to say I got very little else done that day..... :)

Chris said...

Have you made washcloths yet? Homespun Living blog had an awesome pattern, and I even think Rhonda featured it on her Down to Earth Blog.

I've made this pattern and of all the different ones I've knitted, this pattern was the best.

Just ducked off to find the link for you:

My knitted dishcloths have lasted a few years. Actually, none have died yet so that's a good thing. :)

Anne said...

Hi, thanks for your lovely comment my hill a not far from your hill in K. I can see the top 2 levels a big white hotel from my block Im 3km out of town.
Hopfully we have the chooks in the next year there a few things need fixing up to make it safe for the girls and we have a lot of rubish to get rid of that was burried in the new vegie patch by the previous owner. All the new joys of owning a home :)
But I realy need to find my camera cable so I can take pictures

Im glad you found ravelry Im Loopitylou on there as well but I'll be chaning my name on there soon as well to UponaHill.

greenfumb said...

Oops, I missed this post - I am addicted to knitting socks, you can make a pair in a couple of days using only a ball or two of wool and everyone loves home made socks.

I'm going to have a go at a tea cosy this year too.

mountainwildlife said...

I'd love knitted socks too Deb, but I'm not so confident at knitting. I can do it, it just takes me ages and I struggle a lot! Crochet feels much easier to me, and definitely quicker, although I do love a challenge so you never know!
I will probably try the cotton dishcloths though (thanks Chris) they'd have to be better than the short-lived jay cloths we use far too much.
Anne -its always a pain finding others people's rubbish and having to deal with it, (we found a used nappy under our blocked in staircase YUK!) but I'm sure you'll have your new place feeling more 'yours' very soon.