Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a difference a day makes ....

.... 24 little hours..... since yesterday- this is how my patch looked today!

Snow came from nowhere, extremely exciting for kids, beautiful to look at. But I hope my veggies survive!


Chris said...

Good Lord! That's impressive. Snow in your backyard, wow!

I woke to a frozen windscreen, as I drove Sarah to the bus stop. It must've been pretty cold last night.

But SNOW! That's awesome dude. ;)

I hope your veg survive too. Nice garden bed, by the way. Lovely, long and hopefully (snow-capped mountains, not withstanding) very productive.

Oh, hey, I just got an email that you responded to one of my posts. Guess here I'm going next, LOL.

May your veggie patch live long and prosper. :)

mountainwildlife said...

Ha ha thanks Chris! I had just blogged my first pics of the patch the day before in the sunshine,(post below this one) I couldn't believe when it snowed all over the next day!
Snow has gone now, back to sunshine (still cold though) and it looks like things are ok, apart from the limp rocket!

City Hippy Farm Girl said...

My kids would love to see snow.
I love the Blue Mountains in winter

Selina said...

I think for us to see snow a miracle would have to happen. Mind you what with the floods and cyclones we have had I suppose anything is possible.
So How are the veggies going?

mountainwildlife said...

Hi and welcome Selina! I was really surprised to find they all survived, in fact have flourished since! Must grow 'em tough up here in the mountains!

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to hear your veges survived (well most of them)!

Suzi said...

Flip! Cross fingers everything's not frost bitten!

mountainwildlife said...

Only me Suzi! We have had 3 heavy snowfalls and many more big frosts- but everything is green and happy :-)