Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy birthdays :)

Has it been another year already? Sure has!

Despite the fact that I always get a little bit stressed about it, I do love the whole birthday-cake-making thing. I love thinking about cake ideas with my children, looking through books and thinking about colours.

Miss 5 decided a pink-and-purple flower cake would be just the thing this year, and was very happy with my interpretation!
Master 5 got his idea from a drawing he did the week before, a colourful rainbow-rocket. And we were all pretty pleased with the cake! My version is very-loosely based on the rocket shape from the womens weekly kids cake book.

I haven't worked with soft icing before, only ever doing butter frosting for the past 4 years. So that was interesting in itself, and with some helpful ideas from a brilliant cake-making friend of mine (as well as loaning a bit of equipment!) I had a great time working different colours into it and cutting shapes to make the ideas become reality.

I think they looked better in reality than in the photos. The rocket was brighter colours. Well, you get the idea anyway.

I also made hearts and tiny pink icing petals into flowers around the flower cake, and the rocket 'flames' are made with soft icing through a garlic press (never used with garlic!) It was very much like playing with playdoh! Thankfully it tasted a lot better though :-)

And of course, to top them off, sparklers out the back of the rocket and one through the centre of the cake (not shown on photos as we were too busy when they were 'sparkling' -especially when we set off the smoke alarms!!)

The party was lots of fun, 12 happy kids all enjoyed themsleves (and quite a few parents as well!)

Another year older, another year of childhood behind them. Oh, how can I be so happy and sad at the same time?


Xena said...

they look fantastic

Lucy C said...

They are beautiful. I am most interested in the fact you have never made that icing befroe. Can you put up a link for the recipe p-lease? And what equipment do you need? I always thought you had to be a professional to get a cake looking like that.

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks! Lucy - maybe I made it sound more impressive than it really is LOL! You can just buy the icing in a hard block from bigger supermarkets (coles have it here) It looks like a little white brick, until you start kneading it til its softer and pliable. Then you can add colours, working it in until its even. You also need lots of icing sugar and cornflour on the bench or it sticks (a lot!) Another problem is moving it without it breaking when you have your shape.
But... all that said, it was fun and definitely worth a try.
I needed 2 packs for my cakes (and they weren't totally covered)

Have fun!

mountainwildlife said...

Oh - equipment - a rolling pin and whatever shape cutters you want, and a sharp knife or roller-cutter. Its really like playdoh!

You can get very techical with smoothing the surface with all sorts of gadgets (but I didn't!)

Lucy C said...

Thanks. Do you remeber what the icing from Coles is called? I'll have a look next time I'm at the shops.