Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Girls are Back in Town ....!

I'm so happy! My girls are back with me after living at my friends place for the past few months since we moved here.

Ruby at the front, checking out the new digs.

My friend who was looking after them went jetting off to Europe for 5 weeks (oh, the high life!) and I was visiting them twice a day for feeding/cleaning/egg collecting etc. Problem was, we hit freezing times here and went below zero a few days in a row, so their drinking water was freezing solid and I was tripping back and forth to give them fresh water.

Silvie (no comb) and Blondie (huge comb) ??why ??

After much guilt and anxiety, I practically begged the real estate agent to let us have them here, and within 3 hours they said the landlord said yes! Woo hoo!

Lady- fully recovered from the fowl-pox that killed Racey Rooster, but still she is still not laying after 3 months.

We can't move the ark here yet so for now we built a ramshackle lean-to into a holding pen. Bit of chook fence we went to our old house and pulled down (it is STILL for sale -not happy) and a bit of a hutch thingy and hey presto - new chooky accomodation.

BG- more Blue than Gold but still a beauty

Blondie - check out the mad comb!

The wyandottes are HUGE now- I really didn't understand how different they are to other breeds until I had my own- they are like soft round fluffballs! Check out the fluffly butts !!!

They seem very happy, even though they are still trying to figure out where they want to lay (there has been a few eggs rolling around the ground!) I made a nice nest inside the hutch and they just dragged the whole thing out :-0
So then I made a box on its side with straw in, but instead of using it to lay in, all 5 of them stuffed themselves in to sleep in it last night.... what the ???!!!!!

Crazy chooks - love 'em.



Xena said...

all seven of ours huddle in and around the nesting box the girls lay their eggs in. Oh and I think strongly the Wyndotte eggs are slightly speckled (you need to look close to see it). They only lay every couple of days at the moment. So yours may very well be.

Chris said...

That's wonderful news and don't the girls look fab. Poor Silvie must feel like the only one without fancy head gear.

The differences in rosecombs can just be the different expressions of genetics. Goldie got the, "way too much of a good thing," gene, LOL.

They have gorgeous colouration though.

Well done on getting them back anyway. And happy birthday to your twins. Great looking cakes you made. I did a big flower theme on our daughter's cake earlier in the year too. Must be a girl thing, LOL.

Sending "selling" vibes to your old house.

greenfumb said...

Well done on getting them back, I would hate to be without mine.

Silvie is exceptionally beautiful, is she one of Micki's? I am getting some eggs from him soon.

mountainwildlife said...

Xena- we are getting 11 eggs a week from the wyandottes so not sure if thats from 2 or 3 (the only other layer is ruby and hers are HUGE and brown, every 3rd day) Even the wyandotte eggs are different to each other but none speckled- somebody is laying eggs that almost look pink though! (the shell only!)

Chris- thanks for the selling vibes- we need them! Are you still on a blogging break? I miss your building adventures!

Deb- all the wyandottes are from Micks eggs- I bought a mixed dozen and hatched 7 initially which apparently is great for my first go. He does have some beautiful birds, and he did offer to take Silvie back if I didn't want her, he said she was amazing!

Lee said...

I love chookies. Yours are looking beautiful.

We've 13, and are off to check out an 8 month old rooster this weekend, with the possibility of buying. So I've been looking up how to introduce a rooster all over the net, but not much luck. Still looking for info.

They are great animals to keep aren't they - real personalities!

dixiebelle said...

The chickens are looking gorgeous... such lovely colours!

mountainwildlife said...

Daharja- I'm looking forward to reading about your rooster adventures! I miss mine :-(
Don't spend too much- most people give them away especially if they are going to a real home (not a pot)For info try they have allsorts and you can always ask.

Dixiebelle- you not tempted to join the chooky revolution yet?!

dixiebelle said...

Oh, yes, def. have plans to very soon. My husband is going to a workshop tomorrow afternoon for DIY henhouse building. Just wanting to have the backyard area and coop sorted for them.

I do love the Wyandottes, yours were what inspired me!

Jacqueline said...

Lisa, you could try an empty mower catcher with straw in it - that's what our girls lay in and they love it. When they are broody they sleep in it too. I have a spare if you want to borrow it. So happy you got your girls back and they look lovely. And yes, Wyandottes are fluff balls!