Friday, March 26, 2010

Suddenly...lots of news!

Where is this year going? I keep thinking of blog posts, but somehow get swept up by events going on in my 'real' life and never get round to writing.... but so much is happening here in the world of mountain wildlife!

Firstly, our twins started school in February, a huge milestone for all of us! They are in kindergarten and settling in well, we are very proud of them. The only downside is that I have to drive 30 mins, 4 times a day to take them there/home and back/home. We decided to start them in school in the town we will be moving to, rather than where we are now, as this will be far less disruptive for them when we do move, having already settled into school and established some new friends. We were being optimistic that we WILL build this year and it WILL go according to plan!

Which leads nicely to our second big event-of-the-moment --- the builder we returned to late last year (after a year of owner-building-nothing-getting-done dramas) seems to be handling things well and getting things moving far faster that we did. Of course I still have moments of impatience when I would like things done TODAY (!) but at least things are progressing. The council application should be ready to submit in the next couple of weeks- waiting as I write- on a bushfire assessment. Our block is surrounded by, and covered in, natural bushland so this is a very important report which will determine what modifications we will have to incorporate into the house. We already have a good understanding and have budgeted for such things so hopefully there won't be any surprises.

However, because of my afore-mentioned impatience (LOL!) we have decided to sell up our home now, (news no. 3!) and rent further up the mountains while the building progresses. Hubby will be travelling further as he works down the mountains, but that would happen eventually anyway, and besides ---news no. 4!! -- we have bought a second car so he can do that! Its an older station wagon, cheap but hopefully reliable, and has heaps more room than our other car. The train he usually catches doesn't run from our new place, so this was going to happen sooner or later. But, the school run will be so much easier, we can be more part of our new community, and our children will be closer to their new friends. Me too, as I have met some lovely people through the school and made some new friends already! 

So, our house is up for sale and the agent is confident it will go quickly. Hmmm.... now, where are we going to live??!!!

I have been searching for a rental in the upper mountains (news no.5!!) - they are quite rare - and the ones that do come up that look suitable/affordable are so far not allowing pets. Not good, as we have our lovely dog with us.
Oh, and did I mention the 5 fat hens and the rooster who does hilarious attempts now at crowing? Well, I didn't mention it to the agents that's for sure! I think the chooks might be taking up residence on our land with daily visits from me, it's hard enough finding a rental that will allow an outdoor dog!

News no.6 - we are selling our investment property at the moment as well, hopefully that should all go through next week, so its all contracts and paperwork here!

Between building, selling x 2 and house hunting, as well as driving 100km/day, you may have figured out why I have been missing lately.......

So much going on, fingers crosssed everything will soon fall into place and I will be able to exhale again!



daharja said...

Oh, my goodness! You *are* busy!

Sensible decision with the twins - we did the same with our son, and although the driving for a few weeks was a pain, we never regretted it, as he started at the school he was going to stay at!

I hope the house sells quickly - house sales are awful, and moving is nasty too.

And a question - how noisy ARE roosters? Are they as bad as everyone says? I'm thinking of getting one in spring, but my husband is not keen.

Some of our chickens are ageing (I think, we're not sure - do you know how to tell the age of a chook?), and it will soon be time to chicken-soup the oldies and get a new batch in - or get a rooster to do the job for us.

Or will we need a special "rooster pen" an acre away from the house? ;-)

Take care, and don't let yourself get stressed by everything that is happening - it will all settle soon, and all be worth it!

Daharja at Cluttercut

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks Daharja!
Racey is noisy only in the sense that his volume is up there - BUT he has only tried to crow a few mornings over the past 2 weeks, and then only for a few croaks! And not until we let them out of the ark around 730am. I guess some are more vocal then others, personally I like the sound (I say that now, he hasn't woken us at 5am yet!) I've heard of some that crow day and night, and others that do it a couple of times each morning.
I love mine though, he's so handsome!
Chooks legs get thicker/scalier when they get older, other than that I'm not sure how to age them. If they are still laying, keep them!

Just heard we have 3 lots of people to view our place- only been for sale 3 days! Fingers crossed!

Toria said...

Wow, sounds like exciting times. Hope the sales go well & that you can find somewhere to live soon.

Chris said...

Congratulations on getting all 6 balls up in the air at once!

What a circus life you'll be living, like squeezing yourselves into smaller places, making houses disappear and reappear - pulling rabbits out of your hat. Or should that be roosters, LOL?

You know I'm thinking of you, and all the balls that will suddenly appear out of nowhere. You'll be juggling like a madwoman, but if anyone can do it - you and your family can.

Think of me and laugh when that first ball hits you on the head. You can always pick it up later, LOL.

Have fun. :)

Nelly said...

LOL @ Chris!

Good luck with everything, it all sounds very exciting to me!

PS I've been making the no knead bread and it's delicious, thanks!