Monday, January 18, 2010

I smell Autumn.....!

I know it is far too early, but I truly smell Autumn in the air today. Everything tells me it is already here today -the temperature has dropped, the wind is blustering and the sky is that super-intense blue with the sun blazing but the heat is just not quite reaching the earth. And mostly, I can smell the crispness in the air.

All of these are typical of our early Autumn weather here. Strange thing is, it is only mid January! Spring doesn't start officially here until March.

Yesterday we were slapping on the sunscreen and hats, today it was socks and hoodies just to play outside in the backyard! When I was younger, it could never be too hot for me, 40 was bliss. But now, by the end of summer I am pleased to see the back of the scorching heat and searing, bushfire-risk temperatures.

The highest temp this afternoon outside has been 21 degrees c, what a change from the high 30's of last week. Apparently they are on their way back later in the week, but hey, I've seen a glimpse and I'm telling you ...... Autumn will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to it already!


greenfumb said...

I thought the exact same thing myself this morning and am now regretting putting the sweet potatoes in so late.

Hope you are feeling better.

JazyJae's said...

yes it has been rather crisp here today.

dixiebelle said...

Weather, never too predictabe but now I am a gardener, I pay alot more attention to it. Luckily there will be plenty of more sunny, hot days here til March/ April, so I might get some pumpkins and watermelons after all!

Leanne said...

Oh I hear you! I was telling myself I was kidding myself but this morning there's no denying it...I can FEEL it in the air too.