Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bye Big Red, and other comings and goings.

Big Red before he left home today!

Today we said goodbye to Big Red, one of our two Wyandotte roosters. He is such a lovely rooster it was sad to see him go, but on the upside -he hasn't gone very far away and he has gone to a good home.

Xena has taken him to live with her existing chooks and her stunning new Silver Laced wyandotte pullet. Big Red is the result of a Blue Laced Gold (BLG) rooster and a Silver Laced (SL) hen, so he could happily make beautiful chickies with either Silvers or Golds.

"You looking at me?"

It was a very difficult choice between the two roosters we have (which is why Big Red left today at 13 weeks old, not as a young chickie!) In the end it came down to which one was better suited to our wyandotte hens, and which one we were more attached to. We kept Racey, who was initially quite flighty but has since calmed down a lot, and he is very happy to sit and have cuddles! He seems very close to Blondie too, so it would have been mean to break up their little romance! I think he is going to be stunning too.

Racey the Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte Rooster

As a little parting gift, The Boys decided to have a last lie in the sun together, how funny do they look? They lay in the exact same position looking exactly the same way! And stayed like that long enough for me to get a few photos. Thanks boys!

I am just thankful he will have a new home as a breeding rooster, and not as chicken soup! :-O
Luckily for me (and him!) he turned out handsome and healthy! I hope he looks after your girls well Xena.

In other comings and goings, we said goodbye to some lovely friends last week who have headed out west for a new career and new life. At least we had a lovely morning with coffees and cake, for grown-ups and kids to say our goodbyes. And there are promises for cafe mornings mid-way between mountains and the west when school starts again.....!

We also had a lovely time on the weekend seeing Jacqui and Mick again (more coffees and cake involved- do you think this is a problem?!!) It is so good making new friends with similar interests, who- if it were not for the wonder of blogging- I would probably never have met, even though we live nearby. You made quite an impression on our kids too!

And hello to K&L ! more locals who have been reading my blog, and who appear to have been drawn into the wonderful world of chook-keeping and the wonder of wyandottes..... beware .... you will never have enough!

Our son feeding Big Red this morning


greenfumb said...

Seems like he has gone to a good home anyway and you can visit him if you feel the need.

Raising chicks is such fun isn't it, my Brahma chicks are so tame that they jump on my shoulder and head when I go out there. The chicks raised by the broody are really feral though, one is definitely a boy but the other two sussex chicks are half the size and don't have a big comb or wattles so hopefully they are girls after all.

I was going to get one of Micks SLB pullets but if the chicks are girls I don't have enough room.

mountainwildlife said...

Hi Deb, I've been wondering what it is that makes some chicks so tame and 'pet' like- whether it is hand raising or the breed that makes the difference, so it was really interesting to read your comment. I was wondering whether to incubate next seasons eggs again or give them to a broody if I have one... made me think. I hope you have 2 sussex pullets-have you put a pic on BYP for comment?
I'd love a SL too after seeing one yesterday- so striking. Ho hum, maybe when have more land....