Friday, January 8, 2010

2010- Oh what a start....!

I've been out of blogland for so long it is getting a bit silly now.... I had intended on a short break over the Christmas hols, but with some lovely festive words to wish you all well and share the joy, however circumstances once again overwhelmed my intentions.

First let me be positive - We had a really lovely Christmas, a great day during which we opened some beautiful gifts, our children were excited and amazed and full of the joy that only children can bring to you on Christmas morning, we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of cold meats/prawn and mango salad/other salad-y stuff (great food, but not too much that we regretted it!) and laughed a lot together as we tried to play on our new toy, a wii we received from my husbands parents. Really enjoyable.

Then ...... New Year's Eve.

It came with a bang, actually several bangs. Some moronic neighbours closeby thought the best way to see in a New Year is clearly with some explosive noises in their backyard. Not fireworks, just the ear-ringingly loud explosions. Clearly these must be people without children or animals, (and without any consideration for anyone elses). So our start to 2010 was divided between trying to comfort our dog, (who was shaking uncontrollably and so scared he didn't know where to hide), checking our sleeping children to make sure they weren't doing the same, and outside in the dark chook pen with a torch making sure that they hadn't all died with the shock (which apparently is more common than you'd think).

The following day at least we had some friends over for a coffee/ kids play/ wii time, which was heaps more fun than the previous night. We had planned a BBQ with more friends, but wet weather put the dampers on that.

Then it all went wrong.

I managed to get myself a hefty dose of food poisoning (my own fault- I left some fancy cheese out of the fridge too long, put it back in and had some the next day) Nothing like a dose of listeria to turn you inside out. I'll spare you the details, but I lost about 5kg overnight (which ironically WASN'T one of my resolutions this year). After the dehydration and meal-missing for 2 days, a migraine kicked in which lasted nearly 3 days. Could it get worse?
We all know when your immune system is down, colds come from nowhere to seek you out, and so it did.

So now I sit here, full of cold, worn out and red-nosed as Rudolph himself. All of this in the first week??? And let me tell you, the combination of 7 days of rain, being sick, and 2 children at home does not make for domestic bliss!

I had such high hopes for this year too. It is a year of big changes for us - our children start 'big' school (kindergarten!) and we are hoping to finally build our home and move in before the end of the year. (I'll do another post on that some other time, as that is a story in itself!)

Well, I am hoping that all my illness this past week is getting itself out of the way for the rest of the year so I can enjoy good health for the other 51 weeks!

Finally, I wish you all a belated happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, and hope 2010 brings all that you need!



greenfumb said...

So sorry to hear that MWL - but I did hear somewhere that a year that starts badly will end well. Fingers crossed.

How are the chookies coming along? How many girls did you get in the end? I seem to have two Brahma girls and 3 Sussex boys :-( Hubby is seriously thinking of building a quiet box so we can keep one but one of our neighbours already hates us so it's a bit risky. The nice neighbours have offered to eat them so at least they won't go to waste.

Xena said...

Oh you poor thing...what a terrible way to start the year. Hope your nowhere near as sick for the rest of the year.

Toria said...

What a terrible start to the year, hopefully the rest of the year will be better.

dixiebelle said...

That is terrible, you poor thing being so unwell, and your poor dog (some people are just idiots, aren't they!)! I hope you are recovering slowly but surely now, take it easy...

Chris said...

Keep your hopes high, idiots reign supreme but dreams touch the sky and return again and again. The more your lives are challenged, the more the dream will mean to you once it's realised.

Best of luck with building your home. It will (no-doubt) turn you inside out too, LOL, but you'll have done it. You'll have set it out, planned it, challenged by it (things will go wrong in other woreds) then you will have the joy of realising it upon the receipt of those keys.

Mercifully, pain is only temporary too, but I hope your health improves soon.

By the way, love your wyandotte chooks. Beautiful looking and beautifully natured. :)

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks everybody- all feeling better finally (after kids were sick too!) greenfumb- my last post had all the latest chooky info. Sorry to hear you didn't get any sussex girls :( Neighbours are so bad sometimes, maybe we should get a chooky community going LOL!
Thanks for the hope Chris- you are so right! So many things have challenged us already over the past 18mths... but it feels like things will move quickly now, fingers crossed!

Jacqueline said...

Oh Lisa! What an awful start to the year!! You poor thing - I hope you are feeling MUCH MUCH better now. I think you are right - you have gotten over everything in one week and all will be well now. I'm so sorry and can't thank you enough for helping out with our broody chooks while all of that was going on. It'll be an exciting year - new house, school for the kids - yah! And someone to mind the dog & chooks if you get time for a holiday xx

Leanne said...

Oh no...darn that cheese! Lets hope it is all better from here in...what a year you have in stall!
btw I can't believe how big your baby chicks are now...time sure flies!