Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sticks in Pots!

Well, they may look like sticks at the moment....

I wrote a little while ago about buying hazelnut trees as part of my overall plan to one have a fruit and nut tree orchard when we build our next home (sounds mightily impressive but really talking about a handful of apple trees, couple of citrus and few others)

I collected them from Blackheath Community Market on the weekend. They come as bare-root stock ready to plant, but as we don't live on our building land and haven't planned out where exactly the trees will go, I had to put them into pots for the time being. (Hopefully this will only be for a year maximum). They all have loads of buds so I will looking forward to watching them develop!

So, the stick family are .... Butler, Ennis, Halls Giant and Willamette. No, I haven't gone completely insane and named them, they are the varieties which will hopefully cross pollinate each other and give us lots of hazelnuts over a long season.

I may have to wait 2 years before gathering a feast, but it certainly beats walnuts, they can take 10- 25 years before bearing any nuts!


Mountainslife said...

good luck with the hazlenuts! glad i discovered your blog - i've started something similar at . although we're renting i'm discovering there's a lot we can do in the garden - would love to have chooks but i think that's unlikely to happen!

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, you are growing these trees but still not find the land for them.
Yes, you can enjoying seeing them grow.
Hopefully you can find a piece of land to plant them permanently.
Happy blogging and have the nice day.