Monday, June 1, 2009

Vanilla Custard Slice - too easy!

Ok, this is such a cheat I feel almost embarrassed blogging it - except that it is SO delicious if you don't already use this recipe, I'll bet you will from now on!

It uses SAO biscuits instead of pastry (in UK- maybe cream crackers?) Works a treat....

1 litre milk
4 heaped tbsp custard powder
4 level tbsp sugar
½ tsp vanilla essence
Sao biscuits (I used 18 for this dish)

1. Bring 3 ½ cups milk to the boil in a saucepan.
2. Mix the custard powder, sugar, vanilla and remaining milk in a jug to a paste, then add to the hot milk. If this doesn’t thicken enough straight away, continue to heat until thick.
3. Layer sao’s in a deep dish (I used a square baking dish which fit the biscuits 3x3, but just trim them to fit whatever you have)

4. Pour custard over the biscuits, then layer the remaining biscuits on top to cover.
5. Pop in fridge until set

6. Passionfruit icing – pulp of 4 passionfruits mixed with 1 cup icing sugar. (may need 1 tbsp warm water to get smooth consistency)
7. Spread over top of slice, back into fridge to set.

This cuts easily when cold, and the sao’s soften the next day which makes it even tastier!


Chris said...

So naughty, I simply must try it!

I've heard of using Sao's for vanilla sice before, but I've never found a recipie. Now there's no excuse.

Thanks for putting this one out there.

mountainwildlife said...

Go for it Chris! And I don't think its too naughty ... it honesty feels kind of light, not belly-filling... that my excuse for having double anyway :-)

Michelle said...

Yummy, I must try it!

Nicole said...

i make mine using sao's as well
its soo much easier

top bananas said...

Looks delicious, bet they didnt last long!
I'll see if the UK catering service can emulate your efforts

Corrie said...

wow that was my favourite thing to buy from the bakery in high school and I met my husband and it was like snap! he loves them too!

must give it a go when I've recovered from the twins party!!! well done on getting to 4 years...just making it to 1 feels like an achievment full stop!