Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Pink Dress

I'm pleased to report I finally finished Miss A's dress. If I had made it non-stop it probably would have taken me 2 hours max, but grabbing 10 mins here and there made it stretch over a couple of weeks!

She had a little pink fleece dress about 2 years ago that I loved, (but way too small now) so I decided to trace around that for a pattern and give it a go, like a true amateur!

We picked some bright furry-fleece from Spotlight, matching thread and off I went. I found the fleece really easy to work with, (once I figured out which way I had to cut for the stretch) and very forgiving of little mistakes due to the thick pile!

The photo doesn't show any detail, but I did zig-zag stitch on all seams, and a patch pocket with purple pattern stitch across the top. I am planning to get a little applique for the pocket to take the 'plain-ness' off a little.

I used less than half the metre I bought, so cost roughly around $3-$4. But more importantly, I am pleased my machine is getting some use, proud I have been able to make something, and that it looks good! Miss A loves it, (it feels like a teddy!) and it's great for the colder weather already.

Next project is for my son, and a bit more ambitious for me - a sleeveless vest. Hopefully I will get it done before the end of winter!


Jacqueline said...

cute as! left you a comment in post before.

Lucy C said...

Looks FANTASTIC. Well done.