Friday, April 10, 2009

Backyard Revolution

I was pleased (and quite surprised) to see 'Backyard Revolution' aired on '60 Minutes' last week. Surprised because its not their usual type of sensationalised story, and pleased because it seems the general population is waking up to the benefits of growing your own food!

Peter Cundall appears with his usual 'chuck-it-in-the-ground-and-it-will-feed-you-for-months' approach (I love him! He makes it look so easy and is always inspiring. Can't believe he is 82!)

If you missed 'Backyard Revolution' or for those overseas, you can watch it by clicking HERE

Its only about 12 minutes long so no excuses!

I have been wondering whether this really is a 'revolution' that is sweeping the country, or whether it's just that my eyes are opened more now and I'm mixing with different people (real or online) that have the same interest .... but I'm starting to realise that yes, people are getting out and getting into their gardens and growing more than lawn!

The show just touched on some of the reasons why growing you own food is beneficial, and mostly talked about the benefits of fresh food over processed food, rather than home-grown over supermarket fruit/veg. I would have liked to see a little more talk about food miles, genetic engineering of food and how huge corporations like Monsanto are taking control of our food future, but hey, its only a 12 minute slot! and for this type of story to be covered at all on a mainstream show is progress.

Viva la revolution!


Jacqueline said...

Duck Herder had a good post recently on the compelling reasons to grow your own and I concur that it isn't to save money, it's more about health and not having chemicals on the food you eat. She linked to a list of fruit and veg and the top seven contaminated foods and a lot of people would be surprised to find strawberries near the top of the list! It's good if you enjoy it - I love spending time in the garden but it's a lot of work. We sat down to lunch today and nearly all the ingredients were grown outside - it's a good feeling!

Jacqueline said...

and food miles too, of course

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks Jacqui- I'll have a look at her blog. Well done on so much home-produce, excellent!